Contribute Any Amount.

Please donate any amount to support the purchase of an item on our wish list.

1. Document Scanner for the classroom to facilitate copy and distribution of materials to students. New scanner is preferred, but good condition is ok. Desktop scanner needs to be pc compatible.Thank you.
2. Piano bench for the digital piano. Any adjustable, padded one similar to THIS MODEL would make using the new piano much easier. Much appreciation.
4. Studio Monitor Speakers for the classroom. To be mounted on a wall or shelf. (The are loudspeakers in speaker enclosures specifically designed for professional audio production applications.) Here is a good quality, reasonably priced EXAMPLE MODEL . Would add a lot to rehearsals.
3. Rhythm drum machine with bass accompaniment. Also used as a metronome in class Used models are usually available. BOSS DR-670. EXAMPLE LISTING . Great and useful addition to the class.